Appogram Application
Appogram application is the Android and IOS version of the Appogram client.
Users must install Appogram to view Appos. Appogram has 3 main parts.
Applications List, Join / Search, The Appo itself.
Appos List
You can join an Appo with the blue cross button.
Search or Join by QR code
You can manage Appogram settings such as themes and notifications. You can connect an email to your application to protect your Appos list if you change your device.
Appogram Drawer Menu
Each Appo has a menu, In test versions the menu contains a Logs item that will help you in debugging. You can get your Appo information from the Info menu item.
Appo Management Menu
An Appo View
You can see a yellow switch labeled FD above Test Appos, By switching it On all your Appo HTTP request will be redirected to Fake Data Server.
An Appo View
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