In this document you can find all information you need about components and their usage and data bindings.
Each view type (View, Form, …) has its own components and some are shared between theme.
Web Service based components
There are some components that you can connect them to web services. There is a simple rule for that: go to Services and create a sample fake data for them and see the result, then you can create your real web service with the same JSON format.You can find more details in Tutorials and Web Service Standards .
View Components:
· Literal
A lable like control for showing a text or html
· ButtonsRow
A container control for one or multiple buttons in one row. you can add buttons to a ButtonRow.
· Link
A hyperlink that opens a web URL
· RecordView
A table Like control to show multiple rows as two column table or a list of key values. For example you want to show one record of a dataset to your users.
· Web
A component to embed a URL or HTML code in your Appo. You can use HTML content when Appogram components are not enough for your case.
· StaticMap
StaticMap show static GEO points and you can link them to other views with actions.
· DynamicMap
DynamicMap has a datasource property that can get point from a web service and manage the actions for navigating from clicking those points to other targets.
· File
A simple component for downloading and lunching files stored on web as URLs.
· StaticFileList
A Control to show a list of files.
· DynamicFileList
A Control to show list of files from a webservice source.
· Image
Just an image control.
· StaticImageList
A control to show an static gallery of images.
· DynamicImageList
DynamicImageList is a Gallery of images that is loaded from a web service call. It Also supports actions.
· Video
A control to download and lunch a video.
· StaticVideoList
A static list of video URL's shows a static video gallery.
· DynamicVideoList
A video gallery loaded form a webservice.
· PieChart
A simple PieChart with webservice data source.
· BarChart
A simple BarChartwith webservice data source.
· LinearChart
A simple LinearChartwith webservice data source.
· RadarChart
A simple RadarChart with webservice data source.
Form Components:
· Literal
· ButtonsRow
· EditText
· Selection
· SearchableSelection
· Switch
· Checkbox
· DatePicker
· DatePickerPersian
· TimePicker
· TimePickerPersian
· GPSLocation
· BarCode
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