What is Appogram?

Appogram is a native application that must be installed on android devices for viewing Appogram Appos (applications built by Appogram). Appogram acts like a container or viewer. Developers can create their Appos with Appogram Studio, which is an online design tool. Creating Appos does not need any programming language.

What is Appo?

Appo is a special application made by Appogram. Users can join an Appo by a QR code or by searching its address or name.

Is Appogram a native App?


Do I have to Know Java or other programming languages?

Not at all! Appogram has a web interface on web without any need to client side installation. You do not need to code in the online studio. You can place all your logic in back-end web services.
How Can I distribute my Appo to users?
When you create an Appo, your Appo has an address like https://apgr.me/yourAppo. In addition, there is a QR code with the address inside that you can use to share your Appo. The address will help people to install Appogram without a hassle.
Can I create complicated applications?
Absolutely! Appos support most of features that developers need. Get in touch with us in case you think we miss a feature!
How can I update my Appo?
In Appogram Studio you can fork a new version from your last deployed Appo or other versions, after developing and testing the new version you can deploy it to all users automatically. Appogram checks Appo’s version and just lunch the latest deployed version for the user. Also there is a solution for exporting an Appo version and import it again to another account.
Is Appogram Free?
Appogram is in beta stage.
How long does it take to create an Appo?
Just a few hours after learning Appogram Studio! We have rapid development tools for web service simulation that will help you develop your Appo without the back-end.
What features does Appogram support?
Appogram supports Views, Forms, DataLists and ImageLists for presenting list based data and images, web service connectivity, authentication and user profile facilities. There are many more features as Charting, Barcode Scanner, Map and Geolocation, Notification & Robots and more. You can get more information in tutorials and Appogram documentation.
How can I test my Appo before releasing it to users?
Appogram Studio allows you to fully test your Appo with your device before releasing it to production.
What is Fake Data and Service Designer?
Your web services are data back ends of your Appos. You can design your web services in your own server or you can use Appogram Studio Service Designer to create some fake web services and return some test/fake data for testing your Appo before connecting to your production server. With this Fake Data feature you even don’t have dependency to your back end team while you are in design and development steps.
How can I send Messages to my Appo Users?
Appogram supports notifications that you can send to your users from Appogram Studio or Appogram API. Notifications may contain text or even dynamic UIs as your Appo have. It also supports a full Messaging System.
What are Appogram Robots?
Appos have a messaging system that can receive notifications from the server. There is also another feature that helps you to listen to user input via an HTTP address (a custom one in your server) and response to it. You can use this feature to make Appogram Robots.(some features are in test phase and not available to all community members)
What about Security?
Appogram works by SSL protocol. You can use SSL and JWT (JSON web token) for securing your services. Appogram servers does not have any role in Appo and back-end server communications.
Can I develop Games
Yes, Appogram has built in support for HTML 5 JavaScript games; it will host your scripts and gives you some APIs for managing users, scores, etc. (some features are in test phase and not available to all community members)
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