Appogram Studio is a simple web based tool for designing Appos and Fake Data services. Studio helps you to test your Appo just by scanning a QR code and deploy it to production just by a single click. You can export your Appo to a .appo file and import it for a new version in your account or any body's else account.
Studio is like an IDE so just play with it there is no magic to learn.
Studio has 3 main sections. 1- Appo Designer 2- Services 3- Deploy
Services is a place for modeling your web services and creating fake data samples. Just define routes and input parameters and create sample fake data. All is done, you can test your Appo with a web service, after all tests you can create a real web service with your own code and infrastructure. Testing Appos with fake data is easy just switch on the FD button in Appogram application. Fake data is just available in test versions.
Deploy section is very simple, Just a QR code for testing the current version of your Appo and create a deployed version just by a single click. You can join the Appo via the link or by scanning the QR and even by searching the public Appos name or address.
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