Quick Start Tutorial
In this tutorial we want to create a simple Appo, In this tutorial you will learn all development and management features of Appogram Studio.
1- Sign up for an Appogram Account. It is so simple, just an Email Address.
2- Create a new application. Just choose a unique address, a name and a description.
3- Select a version. Always Appogram will create a Version 1 for a new Appo. Versions helps you develop your Appo without any side effect for deployed (running) version. After testing a new version you can deploy it and update all your users with this new one. For creating a new version you can Fork one of your current versions or create a new blank one. You can also import a ‘.aapo’ file or export one for later use. ‘.appo’ file is the saved file of your Appo. You can restore a copy of any version with this file. Click on ‘Designer’ link to continue.
4- Studio has 2 main parts. First is the Appo Designer for designing UI and connect to web services and the second is Services for prototyping web services and create fake data for test scenarios. In Appo Designer you can add new pages for your Appo with ‘new’ button, but for this tutorial we use the ‘home’ that is created by default.
5- In components tap click on ‘Literal’. It will be paste on mobile view. Select it and in set its properties in ‘Component Properties’ tab. Type some texts in ‘Content’ box. Click on ‘Save’ button on top of the studio.
6- In components tap click on ‘web’, then set a valid URL for its ‘Source’ property. Click on ‘Save’.
7- Now you can test your App. After saving the Appo, It will create the xml definition of the Appo, then Click on ‘Test’ button, Scan the QR with a QR reader or Appogram Application.
8- Each time you change your Appo you should save and update test Appo, then you can test it and there is no need for rescanning the QR code. After finalizing your Appo you can deploy it from ‘Deploy’ button. In ‘Deploy’ page there is a ‘Deploy’ button at top left of the page, Click it then you will see the deployed version QR code and http://apgr.me/appoaddress. You can have a deployed version and a test version in one device.
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