In Appogram Studio you can use some variables for accessing form, web services data.

Designer Variables

Designer variables are used for changing a variable to a static value before publishing your Appo to devices. You can use it for changing web service URLs, Changing Names and ... . It is static and non run-time. You can not change them with any data source or form controls.
For example you want to call a web service at localhost but you want to change the URL to a real address.
Another case is when you want to export .appo file of your Appo and give it to somebody else and config it to use other end points (web services).
You can define variables in header bar of the designer and you can get access to it from the Variable Generator link below the designer with this notation: ${key1} .

Run-time Variables

when you are using a form, its data is accessible as run-time variables. Also all web service / navigation based data such as Profile, Login, Actions parameters, Call responses and ... are available to use. You can use them in all fields of controls properties with @{} notation. Variables are accessible from Variable Generator at the bottom of designer.
For example @{location.long} will returns your current GPS longitude.
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