What is Appogram?
Appogram is a quick tool for create and managing mobile services on Android and iOS (coming soon).
Appogram is a mobile application that acts as a container/player of Appogram services that we call Appo.
You can build your Appo with a very simple online studio and deploy it on Appogram. Users can join your Appo by a simple QR Code, or by searching its address or even by finding their nearby geo-tagged Appos. Users does not need any installation for each Appo, they just once install the Appogram. After joining an Appo users get updates automatically.
Appos are designed to support web services and they are completely connected to your own back-end. You can create your back-end on your existing software back-end or on any PAAS (Platform as a service) provider same as AWS, GCP, Azure and ... . Appos also supports notifications and bots witch you can utilize them with a simple API.
Appogram will help you to spread your service across mobile devices with less effort and cost. Nowadays most enterprise software’s need to give better and faster services to their users and mobile application but developing a mobile application needs time and money, Appogram helps businesses to deal with this problem with a smart decision, just create your data API then create the user interface with Appogram.
Each Appo is made up of 3 parts:
1. Views, Forms, Data Grids, DatalLists and ImageLists and many other UI elements for example: textbox, file downloader, bar-code scanner, charts, maps, location picker, Video, Image and many other controls. These all will connect to data in a simple manner without any coding.
2. Data oriented facilities like: Profile, Settings, HTTP Get, HTTP Call, Login and Actions.
3. Notification and Bot utilities.
Appogram Studio has a drag & drop tool for creating Appos, it also has a tool named Service Designer that can be used in creating Fake Data services for testing your app when your back-end is not ready or you cannot use it for test. Service Designer lets you create fake routes and return fake data even with some conditional rules for more convenience.
Simply in Appogram you create Views, Forms and … with a simple drag & drop tool then connect them to your web services or Fake Data service for test with no programming.
Appogram supports versioning so you can develop new versions while stable version is deployed and working.
Appogram has a public API that Appo developers can use for sending Notifications to all their users or a specific user. Notification service supports simple text messages to complex Views and Forms as message content.
Appogram is a good option for creating fast mobile services and service based applications especially for combination to an existing information system. You can also use Appogram for IoT projects, every IoT device has an IP so it can host your web services then you can connect your Appo to IoT devices. We will introduce some tools for this late this year.
If you are a game developer you can use Appogram to host and run your HTML 5 JavaScript games.
Appogram is a native Android application and the iOS version is under development. Don’t hesitate to test it and never forget its good effects on your projects time and costs.
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